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The #1 Insulated Cold Plunge on the Market!

Ultimate Cold-Water Immersion Experience

The Ice Tub™ 3.0

Take your post-workout recovery to new temperatures with the Ice Tub 3.0 – a compact and stylish cold therapy innovation equipped with Sub-Zero Technology™ to keep your water colder for longer. Effortlessly easy to use, this recovery and wellness powerhouse allows you to unlock the healing benefits of cold water therapy for on-demand ice baths that will change your life forever.

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Our Competitive Edge

Ice Tub™ 3.0 vs Other Ice Baths

How do we compare to other ice baths on the market? See for yourself in the comparison below.

More Affordable

Ice Tub 3.0™ is less than $200, whereas other brands are easily $500+ (and that's not including shipping)

Less Bulky

Our Ice Tub 3.0™ is portable, foldable, and lightweight. Most ice baths would require multiple people to carry

Durable Materials

Made with premium quality materials, 5-layers of insulation, and anti-leak technology. Perfect for everyday use!

Quality You Can Trust

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We want you to love your Ice Tub! If something isn't right or to your liking, you have 30 days to return your Ice Tub for a full refund. See our return policy for more details.

Buy The Ice Tub 3.0
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